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Characterization of batteries and their materials is key for Battery Research and Development. In this seminar, JEOL, Rigaku, and HORIBA will introduce several characterization methods :
XRD, Raman & XRF microscope, Electron Microscopes, EDS, Soft X-ray Emission Spectroscopy, and NMR.
Some topics include in-situ and operando analysis not yet landed in Europe.

Program :

  • Easier workflow for Battery Cross Section Observation and Analysis by Electron Microscopes
  • Chemical state analysis of Lithium and Si anode by EDS and Soft X-ray Emission Spectroscopy
  • All Solid-State Battery Charge Discharge in-situ analysis by SEM, EDS, SXES
  • Liquid included Battery Charge Discharge in-situ operando observation by confocal system
  • Analysis by NMR for structure, degradation, and ion dynamics of battery materials
  • Characterization of Battery Materials by X-Ray Diffraction
  • Raman and X-Ray Fluorescence microscopies: powerful tools throughout the battery life cycle
  • Contamination inspection for safety, high performance battery and high yield rate

Registration contact : Nozomi Yasui,
Registration deadline : 8th March 2024

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