Description du projet


The JBX-6300FS, equipped with a thermal field emission electron gun with a ZrO/W emitter, is an electron beam lithography system provided with the Vector Scan Method for beam deflection. The beam deflection employs 19bit DAC, and the accelerating voltage 25kV or 50kV or 100kV is selectable. The workpiece stage is driven by the step-and repeat-method, and up to 200 mm wafer can be loaded.
An auto-loader is provided for continuous unattended operation of up to 10 cassettes
The operation system (OS) of the computer for lithography control and JOB making are done in UNIX. Combination of UNIX and GUI (Graphical User Interface) has realized a high operation efficiency.


Vector scan, spot beam

25 kV / 50 kV / 100 kV

ZrO/W (Schottky)

Auto loader

Maximum 200 mm dia.

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